1 = manager [manageress, -fem.], official, attendant, appointee, housekeeper [house-keeper], minder, business manager, line manager, warden, overseer, person-in-charge.
Ex. Such hosts are more likely to be accessed by end-users such as economists and managers, than information workers.
Ex. See also reference tracings include related headings such as personal and corporate headings for officials, pseudonyms used as uniform headings, etc.
Ex. Other libraries allow bags to be brought in but an attendant is employed to check the contents as the reader leaves the library.
Ex. Upon hearing the favourable appraisal the committee was giving of her, the young appointee swelled with pride.
Ex. A software agent named SiteHelper is designed to act as a housekeeper for the Web server and as a helper for a Web user to find relevant information at a particular site.
Ex. Education for librarianship should concern itself with encouraging self-reliance and sustained questioning rather than training servile machine minders.
Ex. Watman wondered how the profession would react to the idea of a business manager instead of assistant.
Ex. The major advantage is that staff feel able to talk more freely to colleagues than to a line manager.
Ex. Carers and wardens are encouraged to involve themselves in the service.
Ex. At the top of the hierarchy would be the high officials and their families: the vizier, the overseer of the treasury, and the first priest.
Ex. Every fax machine is to be assigned to a person-in-charge who will have the responsibility of distributing incoming fax messages to recipients.
* encargado de anotar los tantos = scorer.
* encargado de buscar a los alumnos que hacen novillos = truant officer.
* encargado de hacer el presupuesto = budgetmaker.
* encargado de la colección = stock editor.
* encargado de la gestión de documentos = record(s) manager.
* encargado de la gestión documental = record(s) manager.
* encargado de la información = intelligence officer.
* encargado de la lista = list moderator.
* encargado del almacén = warehouse keeper, warehouseman [warehousemen, pl.].
* encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine-minder.
* encargado de las tareas domésticas = housekeeper.
* encargado de la tecnología de la información = information technologist.
* encargado del correo = mail clerk.
* encargado del desarrollo de nuevos productos = product developer.
* encargado de librería = bookstore clerk.
* encargado de llevar a cabo = implementor [implementer].
* encargado de llevar el marcador = scorer.
* encargado de orientar al lector = readers' adviser.
* encargado de personal = personnel officer, welfare officer.
* encargado de poner en práctica = implementor [implementer].
* encargado de prestar los primeros auxilios = first aider.
* encargado de recoger = gatherer.
* encargado de recursos humanos = human resource manager.
* encargado de relaciones públicas = public liaison.
* encargado de seguridad = security officer, security officer.
* encargado de ventas = sales manager.
* encargados = line management.
* encargados, los = people in charge, the.
* joven ayudante del encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine boy.
* persona encargada de recabar fondos = fundraiser [fund-raiser].

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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